This Eye-Opening Video About Paternity Leave Is Guaranteed to Leave You Scratching Your Head

Dads and moms deserve more time off with their kids. -- Nev Schulman

Posted by ATTN:
[1] on Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nev Schulman may be known for hosting the popular MTV show Catfish, but he just tackled another jaw-dropping societal issue: the need for better parental leave policies in the United States. In a video made with ATTN [2], Nev and his fiancée, Laura Perlongo, detail the very different policies that currently exist for maternity and paternity leave, which basically imply that it's the mother's responsibility to stay home after giving birth. The couple, who are expecting a baby girl [3], talk about how important it is that both parents are there for not only the newborn, but for each other.

"Globally, moms get an average of 106 days of paid leave for a new baby, while dads only get an average of seven," Nev says in the video. Then Laura is seen putting together a crib with a power drill [4] and comments, "These policies are totally sexist." The video has racked up over 35 million views on Facebook [5], and we can't help but thank Nev and Laura for highlighting this issue.

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