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New Mom Shares C-Section Scar

This C-Section Mama Doesn't Feel Robbed of a Natural Birth — She Feels Like a Badass

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In the weeks leading up to the birth of her daughter, Raquel Renteria was feeling fear instead of excitement. The mom-to-be was terrified of having surgery and was afraid of the scar that she would forever have from the C-section as well as the long-term effects that the nontraditional birth would have on her both physically and mentally.

The surgery was not an easy decision for Raquel to make, and she credits it as the reason she educated herself, opened her mind, and let go of her "perfect" expectations for how childbirth should be. "I was worried I would feel inadequate, like I didn't give birth to her," Raquel shared on Instagram along with a powerful photo of her healing scar. "So many different fears lingered, but SO many other mamas told me it would all be OK. And it is."

Now that her daughter Alexa is here, Raquel realizes how strong both she and her body are, and is hoping to inspire other moms who fear what having a C-section might cause them to miss out on. "I don't feel as if I was robbed of a birth or like less of a badass. This scar proves that I am indeed a #badassmama!"

During her daughter's birth she was still able to have everything she wanted: skin-to-skin contact, being able to see the baby being born, having her husband cut the umbilical cord, and delayed clamping. "Most importantly, our baby was safe and beautiful and my doctor respected every decision we made," Raquel wrote. "I couldn't be more proud of this scar. I couldn't be more proud of myself. And all those silly fears disappeared as soon as I realized, I was having the baby I prayed for and the birth experience I hoped for."

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