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Newborn Falls Down Toilet Pit After Surprise Birth

Newborn Falls Down Toilet Pit After Surprise Birth

Of all the birth stories we've heard, this is certainly one of the most unusual. 

As China Daily reports, a newborn fell down a toilet pit in Beijing this weekend after the mother unexpectedly gave birth while using a public restroom. The mother, 36-year-old Cai Qulin, had gone into labor nine days before her due date and stopped to use the restroom before going to the hospital. But as she squatted over the toilet pit, her baby was born and fell in. 

Cai's husband Zhang Tao, who had been waiting outside, called emergency services and firefighters rushed to locate and save the baby. After ripping up nearby pits, the rescuers were about to extract the newborn and the child is now in good condition, according to her aunt. "My sister-in-law and and niece are both OK now," said Zhang Zhenghua. "As soon as doctor permits it, we'll bring the baby home." 

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Have you given birth under unusual circumstances?

Image Source: China Daily
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