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Odd Things That Happen After Pregnancy

More Postpartum Body Surprises Women Might Not Expect

Bodies change especially after giving birth! From excess skin to ample cushion, post-delivery bodies continue to evolve. Here are a couple more surprises that moms might see.

  • Broken blood vessels: Mamas who had particularly hard labors may find their eyes bloodshot and their faces scattered with broken blood vessels after their lil one arrives. Extended periods of pushing can cause tiny capillaries in the eyes, face, and chest to burst with visible results. In most cases, the red marks subside within a few days.
  • Dry skin: There's a reason experienced moms tell expectant ladies to pack lip balm. Between deep breathing and pushing, a laboring mama's lips may dry out. After delivery, nursing moms often find their skin particularly dry as the body uses excess moisture for milk production.
  • Hair loss: Remember that beautiful flowing mane of hair you tossed around throughout your pregnancy? Be prepared to say goodbye to those extra strands and then some. The roller coaster of postpartum hormones can cause hair to fall out, leaving many mamas with hairline wisps.
  • Bigger feet: The swelling you experienced during pregnancy may have subsided, but your four-inch stilettos may not fit again. Many women find their feet grow up to half a size during their pregnancies, with no signs of shrinking afterward.
  • Better body: Some postpartum bodies shrink back to their pre-pregnancy form or end up being stronger and fitter than they were before.
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