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Ohio School Offers Kids Cash For Showing Up (DETAILS)

Ohio School Offers Kids Cash For Showing Up (DETAILS)

Have you ever gotten your children to eat their veggies by dangling the reward of desert?

Prompted by a 14% graduation rate, Cincinnati's Dohn Community High School is doing just that. After the Ohio Department of Education designated an "academic emergency," Dohn is trying out a new way to get kids to come to school. They will pay seniors $25 weekly and underclassmen $10 weekly in Visa gift cards for being on time to class and for not getting into any trouble. Every student who is eligible for a gift card each week will also have $5 deposited into a savings account that is only available upon graduation.

Although the program has received some criticism, the school's Chief Administrative Officer, Ken Furrier, stands firmly behind it. “Our student population is 90 percent poverty,” Furrier told CBS Cleveland. “Money is important to them. We can’t teach them if they’re not here.”

Furrier has already seen benefits from the program, class attendance is up 15%. 

Read the full story at CBS Cleveland and Fox Twin Cities

Have you ever offered your kids incentives for good grades or school behavior?

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