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One in 25 Babies Is Born Breech

Upside Down Pregnancy: Was Your Baby Breech?

Humans live right side up, but most babies are born upside down. Once a woman is late into her pregnancy, a doctor or midwife usually monitors the baby's position. Some medical professionals encourage the expectant mom to schedule a c-section if the tot doesn't turn, but one in 25 babies is born in a breech position There are three types of breech babies:

Frank breech: The fetus' buttocks are aimed toward the birth canal and the legs stick straight up in front of the body. The feet are near the head.
Complete breech: The buttocks are down, with the legs folded at the knees and the feet near the buttocks.
Footling breech: One or both of the fetus' feet are pointing down and will come out first.

Was your baby born breech?

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