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One Born Every Minute on Lifetime

One Born Every Minute: The Intimate Details of Live Birth

Birth happens...every minute. Lifetime's new series, One Born Every Minute (which debuted last night) shows what labor and delivery is truly like — from a mom who doesn't want her baby put to her chest to a dad who forgets his camera's memory card. Raw footage of these moments is something that many new parents cherish, and other folks prefer not to tape.

I have three children, and their arrivals were the most exhilarating and tumultuous experiences of my life. Each moment is forever in my mind. And, though I had my husband and family members attend the birth, and allowed medical students to view and learn from the process, there were no cameras rolling. Instead, we have photographs because I don't think I'd want to relive (or analyze) the footage by watching it over and over. What did you do?

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