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Pajamas That Keep Kids From Climbing Out of the Crib

Crib Pants Anticlimb Pajamas: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding?

There's more than one way to keep a toddler in his or her crib. Just ask Jeff Frese. After watching his daughter make easy escapes from her crib — during which she interrupted his much-needed sleep — he was desperate to find a safe way to keep her in her place. While crib tents seem like an easy solution, a recent nationwide recall sent the NYC dad searching for a safer solution.

The result: Crib Pants, a footie for active tots that is restrictive enough to keep them in the crib but flexible enough to allow them to move around and play in their space. The pants of the footie have a bat-like wing sewn between the legs that prevents little ones from raising their legs high enough to escape their cribs. The product makes its Kickstarter debut today, where a limited early-backer reward will include two pairs for the price of one at $25. Crib Pants' designers hope to raise $10,000 to "kick" the pants to market. Watch the video that details how the pants came to be, and tell us: would you buy a pair?

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