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Parents Create Bucket List for Terminally Ill Baby

Parents Create Bucket List for Terminally Ill Baby

Faced with the news that their infant daughter's incurable illness will claim her life before she reaches the age of two, Mike and Laura Canahuati of Texas have started a "bucket list" blog for their little one. Their goal is to make the most of her time with them — and to get the word out about her rare illness, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type One.

Avery's blog, Averycan, has attracted a huge following. Mike Canahuati, who writes it, includes both experiences that are within reach for the six-month-old ("Swing on a swing set") as well as many that are all about hope ("Race a convertible and feel the wind in my hair").

As Laura Canahuati explained to CNN, "Mike always told me, ‘We have all the time in the world to cry. We can cry when she's not here.' So for now, we want to enjoy the time we do have with her and just make memories."

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If your child had only 18 months to live, what would you want her to experience in that time?

Image Source: M. Canahuati
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