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Parents Urge Adoption on MTV's 16 and Pregnant

Should Teen Moms Be Directed Toward Adoption?

Last night's episode of 16 and Pregnant was a tearjerker as teen mom Lori passed her newborn, Aidan, off to a loving couple during an open-adoption ceremony. While the 17-year-old was in a rocky relationship (at best) with her son's father, Cory, and not in a position to take care of herself let alone the baby, it was her parents who strongly urged the adoption. Explaining that they would be happy to be grandparents but not the primary caretakers of the infant, Lori's parents told her she needed to make a plan to raise the child outside of their home if she kept him. After some persuasion, Lori and Cory both conceded to the adoption, with the latter calling Lori's father to let him know he would sign the papers. Do you think teen parents should be urged to give up their parental rights?

Image Source: MTV
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