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Photographer's C-Section Photo

This Photographer's Gorgeous C-Section Photo Is the Definition of Empowering

Kendal Blacker Photography

Kendal Blacker, a photographer and doula in Vancouver, Canada, recently captured an anonymous mom's C-section birth, and we cannot get over how powerful this photo is. After sharing the image on Instagram, Kendal shared why raising C-section awareness is so important.

"This was a planned cesarean, so it was much more relaxed than an unplanned one," Kendal told POPSUGAR. "The mom was very pleased with her birth! She had been diagnosed with vasa previa and complete placenta previa, making a vaginal birth impossible."

"I see how brave and strong all cesarean birthers are, including the amazing parents of this sweet boy."

Despite her diagnosis, the mom in question had a positive birth experience. "There was music playing, the atmosphere was very relaxed and jovial," she explained. "There is only a small amount of space to move around in, so I have to wait for the 'come and take a picture' cue from the OB. Once the baby was born, he was bundled up and handed to his mother where they did skin-to-skin while they are being stitched up."

While observing a new life coming into the world is beautiful enough, Kendal hopes those who see the photo will look beyond it. "This image — but more importantly the story behind it — is critical to share because this is why we have cesarean birth as an option, for high-risk diagnoses. It's also where most of our cesarean birth stats should be coming from: people who have an actual need for them. Unfortunately, most of the cesareans happening today are the result of unnecessary inductions and cascades of interventions."

For Kendal, this moment serves as a reminder that delivering a child is beautiful, regardless of what type of birth a woman has. "This cesarean was a planned, needed, and joyous one, but I also wanted it shared to let the people who had unplanned cesareans know that I see them, too," she said. "I see how brave and strong all cesarean birthers are, including the amazing parents of this sweet boy."

Kendal Blacker Photography

Image Source: The Kind Red Mama
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