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Photographer Mom's Harry Potter Photo Shoots

Mom's Stunning Harry Potter-Themed Photos Will Make You Feel Like You've Taken a Love Potion

This one would have Filch yelling, "Student out of bed!"
Image Source: Alexandria Ramon

When Alexandria Ramon introduced her daughter to the world of Harry Potter at 4 years old, it was love at first read. Now 8, Emma is still very much enchanted by the magic of the wizarding world — she's been Harry Potter the last three Halloweens in a row, she can sometimes be found practicing her "kind spells" in the mornings before school, and writes letters to her friends at Hogwarts that she then leaves on the front steps for an owl to come collect. To keep her little wizard's incredible imagination alive, Alexandria, who picked up a camera for the first time when her daughter was born, often captures photos of Emma in her Hogwarts robes and with her wand — but her edits are what will take your breath away.

The photographer mom's entire Instagram is populated with beautiful photos that are edited to make the impossible look possible — babies flying in baskets tied to balloons, twinkling fairies, and of course, hints of Harry's world.

"She is always in awe of the magic at the end, especially when it looks like she is casting spells!"

"My daughter loves seeing her whimsical dreams come to life through my photos," Alexandria told POPSUGAR. "I think most moms can relate to the fact that taking photos of our kids isn't always the easiest thing, but she really enjoys the silly things we do to create the photos. I find that if we have fun while we shoot, it leads to better memories and better photos. She is always in awe of the magic at the end, especially when it looks like she is casting spells! The Harry Potter series exists because of her."

Her son, Oliver, "is too young to really get it," but makes guest appearances as Dobby in some of the photos and can be seen flying in a suitcase in another. "His sister has already taught him most of the characters' names and he gets a kick out of seeing both of them fly in the air and sitting on the broom while we shoot, so he is pretty easy to please," Alexandria said.

Check out Alexandria's stunning Harry Potter-themed photos below, and just try to resist jumping into your screen to become a part of the magic.

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