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Police Handcuff Kindergartener For Throwing Tantrum

Police Handcuff Kindergartener For Throwing Tantrum

It's horrible to get a call from school with the news that your child is out of control. But to find out that your child is in police custody because the school staff couldn't reach you must be devastating.

That's what a family in Milledgeville, GA is trying to sort out right now. Their 6-year-old kindergartener, Salecia Johnson, was handcuffed and brought to the local police station as a result of a violent tantrum she threw in the principal's office.

Salecia's family says the school should not have involved police. ”What is the purpose of counselors and other aides in the school system when they just call law enforcement to calm a child when they act out?” stated Salecia's aunt. The police chief in Milledgeville still stands by his officer's decision, saying the responding officer cuffed the kindergartener “for the student’s safety as well as others."

Read the full story at ABC News.

How does your child's school handle kids who are physically out of control?

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