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Pregnancy at 8 Weeks

Pregnancy at 8 Weeks

It’s really happening! You may have your first prenatal visit, which includes a full physical examination, this week. In an uncomplicated pregnancy, your prenatal visits will be every four weeks until 30 weeks when you will have appointments every two weeks. During the last month of your pregnancy, your visits will be once a week.

If you have questions for your doctor or midwife, be sure to write them down and check them off during your appointment. You will have a blood test to determine your blood type and red blood cell count. This test also looks for the presence of Hepatitis B, HIV, rubella, syphilis and cystic fibrosis. Your doctor or midwife may also order other tests and an ultrasound. Read more at What to Expect at Your First Prenatal Appointment.

Your Body at 8 Weeks Pregnant

You may continue to have breast tenderness, nausea or few symptoms this week. Take care of yourself and let others take care of you. If you haven’t already joined a local or online pregnancy group, now is a good time. Circle of Moms has several pages of different pregnancy groups to choose from.


Your Baby at 8 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is now about the size of a raspberry. He’s starting to have small movements, although you still can’t feel them. His nose, mouth and ears are beginning to take shape, and his tongue is starting to form. His arm and leg buds are starting to show small webbed fingers and toes. Activity is starting to form in his brain and nervous system, and his intestines and lungs are starting to develop. His developing lungs will get all the oxygen he needs from your bloodstream via the umbilical cord.


The preceding information was adapted from The Pregnancy Companion.

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