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Preparing for Your One-Year-Old Girl's Birthday

Preparing for Your One-Year-Old Girl's Birthday

Preparing for Your One-Year-Old Girl's Birthday

Congrats, mama! Your daughter has cracked her first grin, started teething, tried finger foods, and may have even said her first word and started sleeping through the night…in other words, you’ve made it through the first year! Time to celebrate everything you’ve helped your daughter accomplish so far, and to get excited for the next year’s big developments. Happy birthday to you both!

Tips for a Girl's First Birthday Party


    • Planning the Party
      For the first birthday party, it's perfectly fine to skip an elaborate party in favor of a simple celebration. As Circle of Moms member Brandy S. wisely shared, "Try to remember that the first two or three birthdays are more for the parents and family. Your daughter will quickly grow tired of all the attention and activity, so try to keep the 'party' part brief."




    • Taking Photos and Creating Keepsakes
      First birthday parties make for adorable snapshots, so have your camera ready. For another keepsake, consider buying a "1st birthday" shirt or other festive piece of children's clothing and have guests sign it. Later you can frame it as a keepsake.


8 Great Gift Ideas for a One-Year-Old Girl

We've rounded up great ideas for age-appropriate toys for one-year-olds from Circle of Moms members, and included the list below. (And don't forget: if friends and family are asking what to gift, feel free to tell them what your daughter needs in the way of clothing or gear. At this age, your child won't care that she got new socks for her birthday.)


    1. Balls
      Easy to grab and fun to throw, balls can delight one-year-olds for hours. "My son is fascinated by wheels and balls," shared Natasha D. of her soon-to-be one-year-old. "They keep him occupied for ages."


    1. Ball Poppers
      As Mary Theresa G. shared, ball poppers are also very exciting: "The greatest gift someone bought my daughter was the Playskool Busy Basics Ball popper. She got it for her 1st birthday." Just be sure to request a model that you won't mind listening to!


    1. Blocks
      Building and toppling towers is a total thrill at age one. Opt for large, soft blocks made of cardboard or foam.


    1. Shape Sorters, Nesting Toys and Puzzles
      As Cindy M. notes, toys with pieces that fit together make great gifts for one-year-olds: "Try wooden puzzles. For the first little while your baby might chuck the pieces everywhere…But before you know it they are putting the pieces together."


    1. Push Toys
      From mini-lawn mowers to grocery carts and vacuums, colorful push toys can help one-year-olds develop their gross motor skills. Australian mom Jessica A. especially recommends the Fisher-Price Stride-to-Ride Lion.


    1. Washable Crayons
      Fat, washable crayons are perfect for encouraging creativity without overwhelming a one-year-old. Worried about a mess? Try bath crayons and finger paints that easily wipe off surfaces.


    1. Musical Toys
      "She loves her musical toys," shared Michelle W. From drums to xylophones to homemade shakers, musical toys are great entertainment at this age.


    1. Books
      When in doubt, books are always a good gift for children. Over 50 Circle of Moms members have weighed in with recommendations for great books for babies and toddlers.


Looking Toward the 2nd Year

As you gear up for your daughter's 2nd year, Circle of Moms is ready with helpful resources on common challenges and milestones you may face:








Here's to another great year!

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