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In Pursuit of Guiltless Pleasures: 5 Tips for Mommy Breaks

In Pursuit of Guiltless Pleasures: 5 Tips for Mommy Breaks

Guilty pleasures in the lives of moms? There should be no such thing. Why should anyone waste a single pang of regret because Sunday nights are held sacrosanct for Meri, Janelle and Christine, the three “Sister Wives” – and their 13 children? Ok, and I’ll admit it, even though I listen to NPR to and from work, I arrive home from the grocery store with a brown bag brimming with People, and the new month’s issues of all my favorite magazines. And, The Bachelor? The backstabbing, tawdry one-on-one dates and Brad’s buffoon date ideas (scaling a high rise), what’s not to love?

Is it so wrong for moms to have one (or a couple) guilty pleasures they can slither into for a mini break from the world of doing it all? Don’t we have enough to worry about — everything from our kid's potty training readiness to his grades, her athletic prowess to her SAT scores? Here’s a list of five things Circle of Moms community members say they do to check out for a wee bit from mommydom:

1. Taking a Vacation (Without the Whole Family)

When Circle of Moms Kenya B. a member of the Circle of Moms Single Moms community is headed out of town for a mini-vacation, she writes that she feels guilty "leaving my babies, but I need a vacation.”


Other moms assure her to leave the guilt behind:

Leave them with family if you can,” says Charissa B. “Just think, "what a good opportunity for your kids to spend time with Grandmother, auntie, etc. I think the most important thing is for you to not feel guilty. Everyone needs a break sometimes.”

2. Escaping in Front of Reality TV

Amy G. writes that 19 Kids and Counting (the story of the Duggar family and their 19 kids) is her favorite escape. “I'm just mesmerized and stunned and amazed all at the same time.”

3. Sneaking a Snack

It’s okay not to crave broccoli and buy the Girl Scout Cookies “for the kids,” knowing who really is going to chow down on the Thin Mints. Sweet indulgences are good every now and then, says Brenna C.

Her favorite "guiltless pleasures? “Cheese cake.....watching the Biggest Loser and eating carbs."

4. Reading Not-So-Great Fiction

Yes, you can veer away from the bestseller list and dive into a scathingly scandalous novel, recommends Krystal P. Sometimes you need a feel-good book. “Romance novels,” she adds. “I love them.”

5. Creating a Guilty Pleasure Ritual

Whether it’s stocking up on chips and soaking up trashy TV or sneaking out to the gym, sometimes moms have to be purposeful about creating little pleasures and in not feeling guilty about them, says Jennifer M. in the humorously named Mental Health Issues Among Parents But Not the Children community. To ease the stress create time each day for one thing that helps you escape, then write it out for yourself, she recommends. "Write: 'I will do (fill in guilty pleasure).'

And remember: Enjoy, shamelessly.

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