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Review of Baby Mum Mums

Baby Mum-Mum Dissolving Biscuits Have My Son Biting!

Let's get munching! When lil ones are teething, they'll eat anything. While generations of moms have turned to Zwieback biscuits to satiate their wee ones, some moms try to avoid the mess-making crackers. During a recent visit to Whole Foods, I came across Baby Mum-Mums (about $3.50 per box) and decided to give it a try. The lightly sweetened crispy rice rusks are perfectly shaped to fit in lil hands and are designed to quickly dissolve in a wee one's mouth. With a teething tot on my hands, I put the snacks to the test.

Who is this product designed for? Baby Mum-Mums are meant to be given to babies who are just starting solid foods.

Is it practical? Yes. Each box comes with 12 individually wrapped packs of two crackers – perfect for families on the go.

What sets it apart? The organic treats are made from Japonica rice, sugar, skim milk powder, and salt making them preservative, gluten, wheat, egg, and peanut-free. Their quick dissolve formula makes them easy for lil tykes to eat, and less messy than other teething biscuits.

What could be better? I almost wish the crackers wouldn't dissolve as quickly as they do because my son goes through so many!

Would you buy it? Yes! While the biscuits are designed for lil ones, I found the slight trace of sweetness to be a welcome change from traditional toasts. Best of all, I don't have to worry about hard chunks falling off of the treat and becoming a choking hazard.

What did baby think? He can't put them down! My lil one loves the autonomy he has for feeding himself the biscuits, and they appear to be soothing his sore gums as he waits for his first tooth!

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