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Review of Funky Monkey Fruit Snacks For Kids

Funky Monkey Fruit Snacks Have Crunch, but Lack Substance

Snack time always seems like a compromise with the kiddos. Trying to find something to satisfy the kiddie appetite without giving up too much of what mom wants too, like healthy, good-for-you foods to nourish my lil guys. So, when I came across Funky Monkey fruit snacks, crunchy freeze-dried real fruit pieces, I thought it could be a mom — and a crowd-pleaser — and put it to the test.

Who is the product designed for? Funky Monkey fruit snacks are made for kids over the age of three due to the snack's size.

Is it practical? Yes, the one-ounce on-the-go bags are easy to open, and are perfect for throwing in a lunch box.


What sets them apart? These fruit snacks are 100 percent real fruit, gluten free, and contain no added sugars, coloring, flavoring, or preservatives. Plus the satisfying crunch of the fruit makes it kind of addictive.

What could be better? Unfortunately, they are only 70 percent organic, and while the crunch is enjoyable, the Carnival Mix we sampled had some unidentifiable fruits that lacked a little flavor. The banana and apple pieces were the standouts, but there were definitely flavors my kids didn't want to eat and picked through the bag to avoid.

Would you buy it? As far as snacks go, they're a little on the expensive side. Available online, the prices range from $13 to $26 for a twelve pack of one-ounce bags, depending on the flavor. I'm more inclined to buy a bag of organic dried apples or bananas from the grocery on their own.

What did the kids think? Like I said, the kids weren't wowed with all of the flavors, but they gobbled up the banana pieces and picked out the other fruits they did like. Still, a one-ounce bag, even if they're not sharing, wasn't enough to keep the kids happy for long.

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