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Rock Climbing With Children

Rock Climbing With a Toddler on Your Back: Kid Friendly or Are You Kidding Me?

For Menna Pritchard, rock climbing, hiking, and surfing are a way of life —and she isn't going to let a lil thing like a baby get in her way of a great adventure. The single mama is at the center of a storm of controversy since turning to Facebook to post a photo of herself rock-climbing with her daughter Ffion, 2, strapped to her back. In the image, mama Menna is wearing a helmet for protection, but lil Ffion is not. When fellow moms questioned her decision, she told the BBC:

The route I was climbing with Ffion [at Three Cliffs], there was no risk of any rock fall. I knew 100 percent it was safe. The person below me was very competent, I had a mountain climbing instructor there too and I'm pretty confident of my own competence. I was top-roping (which prevents a climber from falling down the cliff surface), which is very safe.

The babywearing advocate spends a significant amount of time blogging on her personal blog, Per Ardua Ad Alta, about her adventures, many of which include having her daughter riding on her back.

What do you think?

Source: Per Ardua Ad Alta

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