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School Bans Teen Mom's Picture From Yearbook

Teen Mom's Picture Banned From High School Yearbook

In what Wheatmore High School officials are calling a "final decision," the North Carolina school has banned a yearbook picture submitted by graduating senior Caitlin Tiller because the picture included Tiller's son, Leelin.

As WGHP (FOX News) reports below, seniors were invited to include something in their pictures that represents an achievement. While some chose pets or instruments, Tiller was photographed with Leelin. She says that being a mom has motivated her not only to finish high school but to also start college early, all while working 30 hours per week and caring for her son. But her high school is concerned that the image will promote teen pregnancy to others and is printing the yearbook without Tiller's picture.

Do you think kids become teen moms because they see other girls doing it?

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