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Sesame Street Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge Has Taken Over Sesame Street and It's Too Funny

It was only a matter of time before the viral "mannequin challenge" hit the streets, and now, it's taken over 123 Sesame Street. In a hilarious video, all of our favorite Sesame Street characters and crew members put on straight faces and froze for a minute-and-a-half. They absolutely nailed it, until one silly character couldn't do it any longer!

After a minute and 14 seconds of standing still, Ernie decided it was the right time to tell Bert that his shoes were untied, and immediately bends down to tie them. "It wasn't me!" Bert cries hilariously. This has to be one of the best mannequin challenge videos we've seen yet — even the energetic Elmo was able to remain frozen the whole time.

Although the cast opted out of the "Black Beatles" song that usually is played alongside the viral videos, they played what sounds like a remix to the Sesame Street theme song, which has us watching this video on repeat.

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