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Sesame Street Tackles a Tough Topic (VIDEO)

Sesame Street Tackles a Tough Topic (VIDEO)

Sesame Street has been tackling complicated subjects, from adoption to hurricanes to death, since its early days, so it's no surprise that the show has also tried to broach the subject of divorce in a kid-appropriate way. But despite the research that went into its first attempt at a divorce segment two decades ago, it flopped when tested with audiences.

Now the show's makers have tried again, this time with a segment that features the hopeful and happy-go-lucky Abby. Its goals are to teach parents how to talk to their kids about the subject and to help kids understand that it's not their fault.

Watch below to see how Elmo, Abby, and the rest of the cast come to terms with what it means for a child when her parents split.

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Would you show your child a TV show about divorce?

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