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Shiznit and Fudgenuts: A Mom's Guide to Cursing

Shiznit and Fudgenuts: A Mom's Guide to Cursing

Shiznit and Fudgenuts: A Mom's Guide to Cursing

It’s not as if we parents want our child’s first word to be an expletive. But our kids are talented little parrots and pick up on both our good and bad speech habits.

Many Circle of Moms members have stories about reining in their swearing habits after having children, especially after their little one was heard dropping an F-bomb! If you’re looking for curse word alternatives, here are some tamer options to try, all suggested by Circle of Moms members.

1. F***

I'll say fudge or fudgenuts if it's bad,” shares Judith, one of many members who have offered F-word alternatives. “Try faculty” suggests Alenka, while Jodi A. uses “far out” and “fruity.”


If you have older kids, get them involved in creating new expressions! As Wendy B. shares: “I asked them to come up with another word that's similar to the curse, like 'what the fabreesy' instead of 'what the ......!' LOL. They do get creative and it’s not cursing.”

2. Sh**

How do moms eliminate the four-letter Sh word from their vocabularies? “I've called my husband a 'doo-doo head' more than once!” Nicole A. admits. While some moms might argue this still qualifies as potty talk, it’s at least better than the original!

Stacey B. opts for silly alternatives like “sugar,” while Leah W. has gotten into the habit of saying shiznit. And Tracey A. sticks with a simple “shoot”, although she admits her tamer language has one downside: “I drop things at work and say ‘Oh shoot.’ Yep, lost all my cred with the boys.”

3.  Mother f***** or Son of a b****

I’ve come to love the word ‘Motherchicken’” admits Sara B. Meanwhile, Judith relies on “son of a turkey feather, or turkey fart.”  We’re sure you can guess the phrases these are substitutes for...

If you slip up once in a while, other moms say not to worry: your kids will soon be on curse patrol. As Barb S. recalls, “We were out eating one evening and I didn't even realize I had cussed until [my son] said "Mom, can't we leave the potty mouth at home? Sometimes I wonder who’s teaching who."

What's your favorite alternative swear word?

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