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Signs of Super Moms

Cape Aside, the Qualities That Make a Woman a Super Mom

She may not have a cape, but the Super Mom possesses powers that leave the rest of us mere mortals in the dust. After reading OnSugar blogger Carri's post, Confessions of a (Not so) Super Mom, it became apparent that moms everywhere encounter this wonder woman on a regular basis. Are you the Super Mom in your community? Check out my list to find out!

  1. Your clothes are never accessorized with caked-on oatmeal and dried baby snot.
  2. A hiccup in the daily schedule doesn’t faze you, it just means more time with your wonderful tots.
  3. Hosting a spur of the moment playdate doesn’t send you on a 10-minute whirlwind-cleaning spree because your home is already spotless.
  4. Your children’s clothes are organized by size, season, and color so they never outgrow an item before having worn it.
  5. You are the first one at the school play, dance recital, or soccer game with your camera around your neck and your Flip cam ready to go.

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  1. You are the president of the PTA at one child’s school, the room mother at another, and the head of your neighborhood watch program.
  2. You have a hidden closet full of toys to ward off rainy day boredom, last minute birthday invitations, and gifts for new siblings.
  3. Your children’s lunch boxes are always packed with fresh fruit, inventive sandwiches, and homemade cookies – prepackaged goods are for amateurs.
  4. Your last Facebook status update included something along the lines of, “It’s a glorious morning – already ran 5 miles, made the kids stacks of pancakes, packed three lunches, and am ready to begin the morning school drop-off routine!”
  5. You hope your lil one doesn’t fall asleep during your nightly reading session, because you really want to get through The Lorax this time.

Know some other traits of a super-hero mom? Add them in the comments below!

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