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Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

Have you noticed your child squinting or sitting closer and closer to the television? A vision problem may be the reason. Children commonly have their sight tested in elementary school, but our members say signs will often appear before or between these standard screenings. To help catch a vision problem early, be on the lookout for any of these eight signs that your child may need glasses.

1. Squinting

Squinting is a common sign of a vision problem because doing so can help bring blurry objects into focus. Circle of Moms member Jessica B., whose daughter wears glasses, recalls that she first took her to the eye doctor "when she started squinting and struggling to see things."

2. Covering One Eye or Tilting Head

If a child has diplopia, or double vision, she may begin covering one eye or tilting her head to make the double images go away.



3. Sitting Close to the Television

Many moms find that a child's television habits can reveal the need for glasses.  As Chelsie W. shares, “I knew that my step-daughter needed glasses when she started sitting closer to the TV.”  Val B. had a similar experience: “My daughter got closer and closer to the TV.”

4. Difficulty at School

Difficulty seeing the chalkboard is another reason to visit the doctor. Joy C. recalls, "My daughter came to us in third grade and said it was hard seeing the blackboard.”

Similarly, if your normally all-star student starts inexplicably having trouble with schoolwork, a vision problem may be the culprit. As Marguerite E. shares, "My daughter started having trouble in math in 3rd grade and when we tried to help her with her homework we noticed that she could do the problems if you read them to her but when she was looking at them she would miss them."

5. Frequent Headaches

"Watch your child for headaches," notes Angie B. "If you notice this, take him/her to the eye doctor." As Angie's advice suggests, headaches can be another sign of a vision problem


6. Rubbing Eyes

The eye fatigue or strain from a vision problem can also cause a child to frequently rub their eyes. As Tasika S. notes, "There may be small signs such as squinting, rubbing of the eyes, sitting close to the television, etc."

7. Trouble with Reading

If your child mixes up small words when reading, she may need glasses for farsightedness. As Nadine T. shares: “I knew because my son always did great with letters/reading (he's six so when I say reading I mean words like 'the' and 'and'), and all of a sudden he was confusing the letters i, t, and l so I brought him in. He ended up being farsighted and not nearsighted.” 

8. Holding Reading Material Close to Face

Holding reading material closer than normal is another sign of a vision problem. As  Circle of Moms member Desiree recalls about her glasses-wearing sons, “They were working with their noses up against the paper when studying.”

How did you know your child needed glasses?

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