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After the Mother of His Child Tragically Died, 1 Dad Turned to Facebook For Breast Milk Donations

The mother of Alex Green's child was killed in a car crash when their son Brody was just 4 months old. Since then, Green has made it his mission to fulfill her wish to have Brody drink breast milk for the first year of his life in his mother's honor.

"I can obviously do almost anything for him except breastfeed him," Green told KATU. So to make Brody's mother's wish a reality, he knew he would have to find donations somehow, which is exactly what he attempted to do through a post to Facebook on a Portland, OR, moms group.

Hello everyone my sister just invited me to this page. I am a new single father to Brody, my 8-month-old son. His mother died in a car crash four months ago. His mother wanted to breast feed him until he was a year old. So for the past 4 months i have continuously been seeking our breast milk donations. And that is what I am doing now. If anyone on this page has any milk or knows where i can get some either donated or moderately priced that would be amazing. Brody and I live in Bend but I am not having any luck finding milk here. Thank you anyone and everyone for the support and information.

Though he was initially uncomfortable posting the request, Green has received an overwhelming response from hundreds of mothers. Thanks to many generous donations, Brody has enough breast milk to last until his first birthday in a few months. Green said of these selfless mothers: "I think the people donating their time and breast milk are the ones who should be acknowledged. I'm just an average ordinary guy trying to take care of his son."

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