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Special Delivery: Chicken Pox?

Special Delivery: Chicken Pox?

Some parents are choosing not only to skip giving their children the chicken pox vaccine, but to intentionally infect them... with traces of the virus they get from people online! Closed Facebook groups and other sites where parents can request infected lollipops, saliva samples, and articles of clothing are popping up all over the Internet. The goal is to spread the means to infect children with the chicken pox virus.

Critics points out that not only is sending viruses or human bodily fluids through the postal service illegal, but the chicken pox virus probably would not even survive the mailing. It's more likely that a disease like strep, staph, and hepatitis B will be spread this way.

Read the whole story (Huffington Post)

Moms, would you deliberately infect your child with chicken pox?

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