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Springtime Picture Books For Kids

8 Picture Books to Flip Through Over Spring Break and Beyond

The following is an excerpt from a post featured on Everyday Reading and was written by Janssen Bradshaw, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

Spring break is over and I'm glad to be getting back into a normal-ish routine.

But one nice thing about Spring break was a little more time to read books, and we went through piles of library books in the last couple of weeks as we enjoyed some more leisurely mornings reading in bed or after lunch.

Let's be honest, I wouldn't mind if it was Spring break for another two weeks.

Whether you're out of school right now or not, these books are perfect for warmer afternoons outdoors or crisp mornings under a snuggly blanket.


If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, Don't! by Elise Parsley
It starts out innocently. You just want to bring something better than a lame stick or rock for show-and-tell when your teacher requests nature-related items. But an alligator might be a little too much excitement, and when you land in the principal's office because the alligator tried to eat a student and also chewed gum in class and couldn't stop drawing funny pictures while the teacher was trying to teach, you might start to wish you'd brought a nice boring rock instead. Also, Ani memorized most of this book and hearing her recite it was just the best. I wish I'd thought to record it before we returned this library book.

Astronaut Handbook by Meghan McCarthy
I think I requested this one, although I can't remember where it was even recommended to me (my mind, it is a steel trap, obviously). Surprisingly, it's turned into one of my girls' favorite books, and we've read this at least a dozen times since it came home with us from the library. They love the little thigh restraints on the toilet to keep you from floating off the seat, and they really love counting down to blastoff. As for me, it makes me want to read or watch The Martian again.

For six more recommendations on books to flip through with your little one this Spring, visit our friends at Everyday Reading.

Image Source: Everyday Reading
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