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Squeezable Snacks For Kids

Grab a Taste of Nature With Dora and SpongeBob Nickelodeon Squeezers

Give it a squeeze! My home converted to the ways of squeezable nourishment as soon as my lil one started solid foods. We' now tote packs of pureed organic fruits and veggies with us everywhere we go. But to my older tot, the pouches are nothing more than baby food. He sees his younger brother suck down spinach, pear, and pea combinations that he wouldn't dare try himself. Even when I offered him all fruit versions, he'd tell me they were for babies, "not big boys like me."

So when Nature's Child sent over their Nickelodeon Squeezers ($3 for a box of four), I was sure he would turn up his nose. Rather, he took one look at SpongeBob on the packet and declared them a big boy treat. Having been around the block a few times, I was certain that this character-laden snack would be packed with sugar, preservatives, and other nasties like many cartoon products are. Much to my surprise, the packs (adorned with either SpongeBob or Dora) are packed with 100 percent all natural fruit, without any added sugar.

Who is this product designed for? The packs are great for families on the go. Stick a few in the car, mama's purse, or a tot's lunch box, and hungry kids can get one full serving of fruit with a single squeeze.

Is it practical? I'm already a believer in the wonders of squeezable packets, and these don't disappoint. Fruits can be consumed mess-free – without the need for utensils or napkins – and don't have to be refrigerated until they're opened.

Keep reading to see what could be better and if I'd buy them on my own.

What could be better? Currently only available in two flavors – Dora (Apple) and SpongeBob (Berry) – I'd love to see more variety so we could mix it up a bit. Also, while the packets are all natural, I wish they were organic too, like my baby's purees.

What did the tot think? Let's just say he's a convert. After draining one pouch in about one minute, he immediately asked for another and begged me to place one in his lunch the next morning. I gave them a taste for myself and had to admit, they were delicious!

Would I buy it? Yes! While I wouldn't serve them every day, I would keep a box on hand for when we are away from home for a significant part of the day, or for long car trips.

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