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Starbucks Marble Tumblers

Starbucks Korea Dropped the Prettiest Marble Tumblers — and You Can Score Them Online!

It looks like Starbucks is at again, just casually releasing the most perfect merchandise in all the land. Last month, the coffee chain's locations in Korea started selling a gorgeous marble-themed collection that's so darn pretty, it honestly might rival those glittery and sequin-covered tumblers that took over social media during the holiday season.

Dubbed the New Core collection, this lineup of classy coffee-toting paraphernalia features tumblers, thermoses, and coffee cups with marbled patterns and rose gold accents. Does it get much more Instagram-worthy than that? I think not.

From what we can tell via intense Instagram sleuthing, the New Core collection is only sold at Korean Starbucks locations, but there's a silver lining for those who don't have a trip to Asia in the works. You can actually score these sophisticated products on eBay and other ecommerce sites. Heck, yes! Ahead, get up close and personal with the picture-perfect marble goodies.

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