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Sugar Substitutes For Kids

Do You Let Your Kids Have Sugar Substitutes?

This question comes from ohhaimom in the Mommy Club group.

Last weekend I was making fresh squeezed lemonade with my mother-in-law and after 30 minutes of intensive lemon squeezing she asked if we should use Splenda or sugar. I was shocked by the idea of adding anything other than sugar or honey to the organic mixture we'd concocted, but she padded her question with a, "well, since it's for the kids we should probably use the natural stuff," but it got me thinking about whether or not other moms use sugar substitutes to keep their kids from jumping off the walls, or consuming too much sugar. I'm not talking about filling their bottles with Diet Coke, but restricting sugar intake with man made sweeteners. What do you dish out by the spoonful?

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