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Surrogate Mom Left With Twins After Couple Backs Out

Surrogate Mom Left With Twins After Couple Backs Out

A 20-year-old woman in New Brunswick, Canada was left in a frightening situation after the British couple she was carrying twins for backed out of their arrangement. The surrogate, Cathleen Hachey, met the couple online, and after several months of conversations, agreed to be their surrogate.

When she was 27 weeks pregnant and hospitalized with complications, the couple informed Hachey that they had split up and that she would need to take care of their twins for 6 to 8 weeks before other arrangements could be made. Hachey began to look for other options on her own and found a couple to adopt the twins. 

The original arrangement was made privately. Although Hachey says she would be interested in being a surrogate again, to help others, next time she will go through an agency and use a lawyer.


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Would you become a surrogate to help someone else have a baby?

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