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Sweet Things Kids Say

Kids Say the Sweetest Things

Every now and then, our little ones will say a word or phrase that makes us stop and want to remember that moment forever — not because it's the darndest thing but because it's the sweetest. Ahead, hear stories from Quora users that describe the loveliest words their kids have ever uttered. From silly remarks to serious thoughts, they'll instantly put a smile on your face and remind you of your own experiences.

The First Real Sentence

"I had been teaching myself to play Moonlight Sonata during my pregnancy but abandoned it after the birth of my son.

He was diagnosed with 'moderate to severe' autism at 2 and had acquired a vocabulary of only about 20 words by 3 1/2. We communicated very well with our family members' spoken language, a little sign language, and his picture system.


On this particular evening, I sat down to play the piano for the first time since his birth. About 3 minutes into Moonlight Sonata, he rushed downstairs and stood mesmerized at the piano. He then asked, as sweet and clear as a bell, 'What's that music? It has colors!' This was his first coherent sentence, and with words we never knew he had -- or even dared to hope he would have. We were stunned and thrilled and amazed.

He's matured into a shy, expressive, typical young adult, albeit with synesthsia (sound to color), perfect pitch, and a love of heavy metal guitar."

— Anonymous

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The Sweet Nephew

"I was playing with my nephew, Jett, when we saw a car pull up at the neighbor's house. Two little girls ran out, screaming and shrieking with delight. I wondered out loud what was going on, and Jett remarked 'Maybe someone like you is coming to visit.'"

— Caroline Zelonka

The Perceptive Boy

"I forget the exact circumstances, but my son (6 or 7 at the time) came home from school telling a story about a kid who was in a bad mood and picking on other kids at recess. When I asked my son how he felt about that, he said 'I didn't want to get mad at him because he was already mad at himself, and that's why he was being mean.' Perceptive kid.

Of course, I also had a soft spot for him telling me that. Even when I'm a little old man, he'll still be my friend."

— Jason McDonald

The Important Request

"My seven-year-old said, 'Mom let's never grow up.' That still makes my heart melt."

— Angela Bartlett Giovinazzo

The Crying Girl

"Dad: 'You yelled at me, now you yourself are crying.'
She: 'That's why I am crying that I yelled at you. Now, will you HELP me get over it?'"

— Darshan Singh

The Caring Kid

"The other day, in my husband's classroom of five year olds, a little girl was feeling very upset, missing her mummy, and having a cry. A little boy (who happens to be a child with additional needs) gently went and sat next to her and said, ''Is it ok if I look after you for a bit?' She said yes, and then he just sat there, next to her. When my husband told me this, the innocent grace of it gave me tingles. Imagine a world where we were all like this little kid, and understood the true privilege of caring for another, and simply being next to someone."

— Emma-Francis Rutherford

The Forgiving Friend

"My 4 year old's best friend at school got upset with her one day and said, 'You're not my friend any more!' to which my kid replied, 'It is ok, Amelia. You will always be my friend and I will always love you.' They were hugging and playing again in no time."

— Srini Kasturi

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