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Teen Suspended from School Over Good Deed

Teen Suspended from School Over Good Deed

Has there ever been a rule you wish your child's school would reconsider?

Michigan mom Christa Plante is up in arms over her teen's suspension from school for his long hair. And it's not because she wants her son to have more fashion freedom; it's because she wants him to be able to complete the good deed he's set his heart on. J.T. is 17 and a leukemia survivor, and he's growing his hair so that he can donate it to another child who has lost hair as a result of cancer treatment.

J.T. has promised to cut his hair as soon as it's long enough to donate to Locks of Love, a non-profit which provides confidence boosts to kids fighting cancer by giving them realistic-looking hairpieces. He's also promised to provide the School Board with a certificate proving he made the donation. Still, the School Board's spokesman explained that they do not want to change their policy under pressure.

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