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Telling People You Gave Birth Drug-Free

Is It Bragging to Say You Gave Birth Without Drugs?

Here's a post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we bring you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post about saying your baby was born drug-free.

All babies, however they came into this world, are beautiful. I don't understand the need for all the drama involved in judging other women for how and where they chose to deliver. A 40-year-old mother who recently gave birth to a darling little girl has really been making waves on a Facebook page called Bondi Babies.

Kirra Givanni posted on the page looking to bond with other moms who had experienced an all-natural, unmedicated child birth. Instead of finding camaraderie, she was bombarded with hateful comments. The mediator of the group eventually had to delete her post due to the hostility it was receiving.


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Many of the moms who commented on Kirra's post stated she was "bragging" and trying to "shame" other moms who had received medical assistance. I cannot say if I would have been offended by her post because it has been permanently deleted, but she gave Daily Mail a rundown of what she said.

"Basically I wrote — women have been having babies for a long time naturally without drugs, and at my age doctors told me that I couldn't do it, that it would almost be impossible. I loved giving birth [unmedicated]. Has anyone else experienced this?"

If this is what she actually wrote, I think it is crazy that women would be criticizing her. After having my first baby via c-section, I was on the "I'm going to VBAC with no drugs" train by my second pregnancy. I had The Business of Being Born on rerun and the perfect birth plan mapped out. However, after rolling into the hospital seven hours after my labor started, I was a dead ringer for Amy Poehler in Baby Mama. I was begging for drugs the minute I got admitted.

I eventually ended up having another c-section and have still not had my dream birthing experience. That being said, I have never looked at a woman talking about her natural childbirth as boasting. In fact, I think women who have been empowered enough to do this should brag. These women are rock stars.

Our own Melissa Willets comments on her drug-free delivery:

"As for me, I wouldn't go so far as to say I 'enjoyed' a drug-free birth, but I was determined to have one. I don't regret my choice, and YES, I felt VERY pressured to get that epidural. But it was my third birth, and I knew what I was getting into. I'd do it again the same way if I could. I believe in feeling the entire experience, pain and all. But each woman should do what she wants for her birth (in so much as she can control certain factors), as I did for mine."

Moms also have their claws out when it comes to the issue of breastfeeding. I have nursed all three of my children. My house has never seen a can of formula (not bragging, just saying). After doing this for three consecutive years, I can understand women who choose to do formula — for any reason. Breastfeeding is not always fun, in fact, sometimes it really sucks (pun intended). So if I want to pat myself on the back or relate to other moms who breastfeed, pipe down if you haven't got anything nice to say.

We moms need to encourage one another even if we don't always agree. Motherhood is hard no matter who you are. Enough with these mommy wars!

At what point do you consider a woman bragging when she talks about her natural birth? And is it okay to brag about having a drug-free birth?

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