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Test to Determine Fertility

Would You Delay Having Babies If You Knew You Could?

While women may fret over recent findings that only 12 percent of a woman's eggs are left at the age of 30 and three percent at 40, a new test may help them decide when to start trying to conceive.

Australian researchers have developed a simple hormone test, called the "egg timer," to detect the number of eggs in the ovaries. The test, which will only cost $58, will let women know if their egg supply is dwindling at unusually fast rates and if they are at risk for premature menopause. According to the developers behind the test, it will be particularly helpful for those women who have gone through cancer treatments or ovarian surgeries, helping them plan fertility treatments.

The groundbreaking test could help younger women make different decisions about when they want to start a family. If you knew your egg supply was healthy, would you delay having babies until you were older?

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