21 Things Dads Do Better Than Moms

Jan 29 2018 - 12:10pm

There are countless studies that prove moms and dads play their own critical roles in a child's development, and basically, moms and dads both rock in their own ways. And while I totally agree, there are many things that my husband is better at than I am when it comes to parenting. And guess what? I don't feel like less of a woman (or mother) because of it. It's just the truth. There are so many reasons men make great daddies [1], so let's celebrate the things — let's face it — that dads just do better.

Getting the Kids All Riled Up

It is always awesome to watch a dad getting their tot all riled up. Unless it's right before bed, and then it's anything but awesome.

Bumps and Bruises

While mom's tend to freak out a little bit over our child's spills and falls, dads tend to err more on the "he's fine!" side (and the latter usually gets a much more favorable reaction).


Dads have the best character and animal noises. In fact, studies suggest that when a father takes an active role in their child's life [2], the child is more likely to get good grades, be more socially involved, and actually enjoy school.

Playing Rough

Kids love to play rough, but most mamas just aren't as down to get down and wrestle on the floor like the dads are.


I know quite a few mamas who regularly take their kids fishing — I am not one of them (God bless you ladies that do). So I'm not saying it can't be done, but in general, fishing is usually dad's thing.


No one has better hiding spots than Daddy.

Digging in the Sand

Whether they're making sand castles, digging holes, or getting buried, dads just know how to play in the sand.

Shoulder Rides

I can piggyback my kids as well as the next person, but the minute one of them wants to get up on my shoulders is the minute they get passed on to dad (who always hoists them up without hesitation).


One of my kid's favorite things to do after dinner is go on an "adventure" with Daddy. This usually involves exploring the outdoors, riding bikes, collecting hundreds of golf balls, or something else that the kids absolutely adore.


I know there are some moms who wear the sporty socks in the family (again, not me), but many husbands have mamas beat in this department — my son's T-ball coach once asked me if my 3-year-old was a lefty or righty, and I had no idea. I later asked my husband, who immediately said, "He's a righty."


Show me a pool, ocean, river, or water park, and I'll show you a 10:2 ratio of dads to moms swimming with their kids. We moms usually take our lifeguarding posts on dry land while questioning if our husbands are really watching the kids or not (they are).


Simply said: camping is all dad. Bonus points, if he takes the kids camping alone — what a man!

Creepy Crawlies

Dad's got this one covered too. And he'll probably pick up whatever terrified you with his bare hands — and then go show the kids.

Tough Love

A dad's matter-of-fact way of dealing with discipline is a nice change from mama's overanalysis of (and talk about) the situation.

Going Off "Schedule"

Many a dad is perfectly OK with going off the schedule (missing naps, staying up late, etc.) — and they usually handle the late-night crazies a lil better too.

Goofing Off

Nobody, I mean nobody, goofs off like a dad does.

Amusement Parks

He may be in it so he can go on the rides, but one thing is for sure, he'll show his child a good time along the way!


Maybe it's just my family, but in my house, breakfast is daddy's domain. If he is available to make it, he will — and my kids will happily tell me that mommy's eggs do not compare to daddy's.

Eating Out

Is it just me or do daddies handle the whole eating-out-with-kids stress way better than moms? My husband will happily take the kids out to dinner, with or without me (that is where they all are, as I write this), and I'd rather keep the feeding frenzy at home.

Science Experiments

Most dads have a knack for science (or at least a love for blowing things up), and kids adore this time with their fathers. Trust me, if he hasn't shown your kids the whole Mentos in Diet Coke experiment/explosion, show him this post, and he will.

Vacation Without Kids

Most moms have a really hard time leaving their kids for a much-needed R & R trip with their spouse. Dads, not so much. It's not that they won't miss the kids — they absolutely will — but they also are able to see that the benefits of an adult trip far outweigh the negatives.

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