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Things to Know If Your Kid Is a Pisces

9 Things You Should Know About Your Pisces Kid

It may not be a scientific fact, but by following what's written in the stars, there may be a way of knowing what your child's personality will be like straight out of the womb. For parents of Pisces kids, the water sign represented by two fish, there are a lot of wonderful things you can expect from your child (and maybe a few things to look out for).

If your child's birthday is somewhere from Feb. 19 to March 20, read ahead to learn about some of their likely personality traits implied by their zodiac sign.

1. Their creativity will know no bounds.

Highly artistic and musical, a Pisces kid will constantly be dipping into their art supplies, Legos, and blocks, whiling away the hours creating things — and everything they make will actually be pretty great. Outside the playroom, their creative nature will make them great problem-solvers who seek alternative solutions to come to a resolution for any issue.


2. They'll be scarily intuitive.

It is sometimes joked that people of this water sign possess psychic abilities. Even before your child is truly old enough to understand an "adult conversation," expect them to be tuned in and catching way more than you'd think. Your Pisces child will have a lot of gut feelings and hunches, and often, they'll be right. They'll know that you're upset or angry before you realize it yourself, and they'll always sense when something is wrong.

3. They'll always be willing to lend a helping hand.

Pisces are an extremely selfless bunch who are always willing to help a friend without expecting anything in return. Expect your Pisces kid to be a great helper to you, their siblings, friends, teachers, and, really, anyone else they encounter. They'll likely be a great sharer, will drop anything they're doing to be there for someone else, and will aim to please everyone.

4. They'll be extremely sensitive and emotionally open.

Trying to figure out what your little Pisces is feeling won't often be difficult, as they'll express their feelings openly and for everyone to see. Expect your Pisces kid to feel upset at the drop of a hat, and because of their sensitive nature, anticipate that they'll find change difficult, especially when they're younger. Talk to your Pisces about their feelings often to ensure that their overload of emotions doesn't get to be too much — they'll appreciate the open communication.

5. Their imagination will impress you, especially as they get older.

Likely the kids who will have a whole slew of imaginary friends, Pisces will be endlessly imaginative. Although most children begin to lose that playful power of imagination as they age, these kids won't. They'll enjoy reading fantasy stories, hearing fairy tales before bed, and reading or acting in plays just so they can live in another world, if only temporarily.

6. They'll be the kindest kids on the playground.

Pisces tend to be very caring and concerned for others. This leads them to be extremely kind and generous toward others, whether they know them or not. If a child is being bullied, falls and scrapes their knee, or isn't feeling well, you'll likely find your child by their side, trying to make things better.

7. They'll learn best visually.

Although Pisces love music, they'll do most of their learning visually, rather than audibly. Whether they're reading a book or looking at photos, maps, graphs, or charts, they'll pick up on a lot more detail and remember things by sight easily. If you're trying to help your Pisces kid with their homework or study for a test, suggest they write out flash cards (writing things out helps them remember a ton) or help them to create an outline of the information by compiling important graphics and written facts.

8. They'll like being alone — but only when they want to be.

Some Pisces kids will work best solo, and that's OK — they like having the alone time. However, they won't want to do things independently all the time, so give them space when they'd like to have some privacy — to read, draw, or just sit outside for a bit — and know that they'll be ready to play with friends or hang out with you at some point very soon.

9. Their compassion and warmth will blow you away.

Pisces kids make for the best, most caring friends. Blindly loyal and highly empathetic, these kids will develop strong friendships with all different types of kids and have a variety of friend groups (but while their strong intuition will likely clue them into the friends who are interested in being in their lives for selfish reasons, be sure to keep a watchful eye that they're not friends with anyone who isn't being a friend back). They'll go out of their way to be understanding and loving, qualities about them that the people in their lives will cherish and appreciate.

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