17 Struggles Only a Mom With Severe Morning Sickness Will Understand

Sep 17 2017 - 9:35am

Sure, you think, it's just "morning" sickness; how bad can it be? Well, for anyone who's suffered through it and realized that it should actually be called "all-day sickness," you know that it can be really, really bad. Although there are some foods that help to ease symptoms [1], it's never fun to suffer through that rough first trimester . . . or, in some cases, rough three trimesters. Ever experienced the dreaded pregnancy symptom? Take a look at 17 things only moms with severe morning sickness will understand — and know that you're definitely not alone!

How the pungent smell of leftover meat has the power to ruin you.

Actually, make that the smell of ANY leftovers.

The necessity of making two dinners because, well, you’ll probably lose the first one.

What it’s like to eat nothing but Saltines and Pedialyte for more than 24 hours.

The absurdity of people asking about “pregnancy cravings” when the the thought of eating anything sounds absolutely miserable.

The overwhelming gratitude that washes over you when your partner cleans, does the dishes, or takes out the garbage.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

How quickly a favorite food can become one you hate because you’ve seen it come back up one too many times.

The misery of sitting upright when you can barely keep down water.

The total BLISS of feeling semi-normal for one short, precious day.

The true despair that settles over you when you realize you have to get into the car, but you can’t move without getting sick.

Suddenly NOT being able to handle the smell of your own perfume.

The hilarious number of “I have the stomach flu” lies you need to tell to hide your pregnancy.

That awkward moment when you get sick in the office bathroom and your co-workers don’t know what to say.

The fact that “turning green” when you’re nauseous can be a real thing.

What it’s like to cancel literally all plans for a month because you. just. can’t.

How the double whammy of pregnancy hormones plus morning sickness can mean some seriously dramatic tears.

And the thrill of knowing it's truly all worth it!

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