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Things to Say to Build Kids' Confidence

38 Empowering Things You Can Say to Build Your Child's Confidence

It can be troubling as a parent when your child doesn't seem to feel as special as you know they are. Watching as a child endures a bout of low self-esteem can be difficult, because despite how amazing you tell your little one they are, you watch as they lack the confidence that you know they deserve to have. In a situation like this, don't let words fail you. Your child doesn't need to hear empty praise in order to feel good — instead opt for powerful praises that prove you not only see your child, but also value their internal strengths and not just physical attributes. Instead of complimenting your child by labeling them (like "you're so good at soccer!"), stick to these 38 meaningful ideas that will improve your kiddo's self-value without inflating their head.

  1. I knew you could make a good choice.
  2. You contribute such great ideas to the family.
  3. I've never thought of it that way.
  4. Your kindness shines bright — inside and out.
  5. You show amazing attention to detail.
  6. I'm excited to see your idea.
  7. Your friendship is important.
  8. You bring such joy to life.
  9. You never cease to amaze me.
  10. Even if you get frustrated, you always keep trying.
  11. Your hard work is really paying off.
  12. You have such an interesting point!
  13. You're capable of obtaining your goal.
  14. I love how clever you are with problem solving.
  15. I appreciate your patience.
  16. Your ideas are very important.
  17. I trust your instincts.
  18. I'm so proud of what you worked to accomplish.
  19. Your personality is beautiful.
  20. I love seeing your creativity.
  21. Thank you for all the effort you put in.
  22. The thought you put into helping others is commendable.
  23. You fill our home with so much fun.
  24. Your positivity is extremely helpful.
  25. I'm glad you shared your opinion.
  26. I'm curious how you thought of that.
  27. I love watching you grow.
  28. What would I have done without your help?
  29. You have such a great sense of humor.
  30. That was a very courageous thing you did.
  31. What do you think?
  32. Your thoughtfulness makes a difference.
  33. I've noticed how hard you're working and it's really impressive.
  34. I couldn't be more proud of you.
  35. I trust your opinion.
  36. Your smile is the best thing I've seen today.
  37. I know you can do it.
  38. This isn't something that you can't handle.
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