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39 Thoughts I've Had When Trying to Name My Baby

You're pretty sure you know which names you love — and then, when you actually have to sit down and name your future child, all bets are off. There are so many things to consider when you're picking a name that it can be seriously overwhelming. This name's too this, and that name's too that, and you can't even think about nicknames. Oh, and when you finally do find one you love, your partner absolutely hates it. Sound familiar?

For anyone who understands the struggle, check out 39 thoughts anyone who's struggled to pick a baby name can relate to — then explore all things baby names to get some inspiration!

  1. It's just a name — how hard could it be?
  2. . . . Ohmygod, it's a name. A name they'll have for LIFE.
  3. Sh*t, this is a lot of pressure.
  4. What if they hate it?
  5. OK, fine, it'll all be fine. I'll just look at some lists.
  6. Ooh, that's a good one!
  7. I really like that one!
  8. And that one!
  9. Yep, my other half will totally love these.
  10. Well.
  11. Nevermind.
  12. Yeah, I guess those weren't that great anyway.
  13. Maybe we need a family name?
  14. Nah, let's go with something more unique.
  15. Apple, Blue, North . . .
  16. Mmm. Maybe not.
  17. Let's go with a classic. Classic is good!
  18. Ugh, I already know someone with that name.
  19. And that one.
  20. And that one.
  21. Oh, but I really liked that person!
  22. No, that will make for weird nicknames.
  23. I haven't even thought about nicknames.
  24. Wait, what about initials?
  25. What about the name's meaning?
  26. Should we go with a cool spelling?
  27. I need a drink.
  28. You know what, I'll just ask my partner for ideas.
  29. Nevermind, that one's awful.
  30. And that one.
  31. Yep, that one too.
  32. Well, we still have a couple months. The decision can wait.
  33. I'll just keep a running list right here on my phone.
  34. Do I even like anything on this list?
  35. I hate this list.
  36. I'm throwing away this list.
  37. What if we can never, ever settle on the perfect name?
  38. (Sigh.)
  39. . . . Time to Google it.

Aaand we're back to square one.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Grace Hitchcock
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