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Tips to Stop Children's Whining

10 Ways to Stop Whining in Its Tracks

There are few sounds as grating as a child's whining. Add a tired and cranky tot to the mix and it can be a deadly combination. To nip the problem in the bud, mama must take charge of the situation. Here are 10 ways to nip whining in the bud, before you want to tear your hair out!

  1. Whine back. Let them see just how annoying it can be.
  2. Become a broken record. Tell them you won’t listen until they speak calmly – and then repeat that phrase until they do!
  3. Call a time out. Removing them from the situation should cut out the talk and give your head a break.
  4. Are you speaking gibberish to me? Even if you can make out what they are saying, tell them they must speak in a normal tone with proper enunciation for you to understand what they are saying.
  5. Practice, practice, practice! Practice speaking in a proper tone with your lil ones and praise them when they do so.

For five other ways to end the whining, read more.

  1. Shine a light on them. One of the key causes of whining is a child’s desire for attention, so make sure they’re getting some.
  2. Do as I say . . . Remember to be a role model and refrain from whining yourself!
  3. Get some sleep. Not you, your child. An overtired tot is a prime one for whining.
  4. Be strong. Though the whining may be grating, don’t give in – it only encourages more of the same.
  5. Trick or treat. Trick them into pouring their whines into a “whine” pot. The distraction will end the behavior.
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