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Toddler Falls Out of Moving Car

Toddler in Car Seat Falls Out of Car on Highway

Talk about a lesson on why you should make sure your child's car seat is properly strapped into your vehicle and you have child locks on the car door. As CityNews reports, a 2-year-old Toronto girl is lucky to be alive after falling out of a car onto a highway.

According to Sgt. Larry Zimmerman with Traffic Services, while traveling down a highway, "a child in the back seat was playing with the door handle and managed to open the door," and then all that was needed to push the car seat out of the vehicle was gravity. "It's pretty obvious here that the child's seat was not strapped in or it wouldn't have come out of the car," he says. The toddler was not injured but was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Police say an investigation is ongoing.

Source: CityNews
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