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Trapped in a Miserable Job By The Economy

Trapped in a Miserable Job By The Economy

Do you feel trapped in a job you can't stand? Do you think there's little you can do about it because of the down economy?

You're not alone.

"Sometimes I am so unhappy, I just feel like crying, but I got to do what I got to do to survive," writes Christine J. in the Working Mums community.

"I hate my job, but don't have the time to look for a new one. Also it is hard and scary to change jobs in this economy. I fear not being able to pay the bills while changing jobs," posts Tamra P.

"I would love to change jobs. I have always wanted to work in a bakery. But I am the one with the insurance. My husband is a farmer so he as well as our 21-month old and I need the insurance," shares Linda E.

Ladies, we are not alone in this. Finding yourself handcuffed to a job you don't like isn't a gender-neutral dilemma. The men in our lives are experiencing the same frustration. And according to an article on, they are just as discouraged.

"With a terrible economy and few companies hiring, making a career change is a major risk. People will laugh and tell you that you should be happy to even have a job at such a terrible time," writes author Chris Illuminati in How To: Survive A Job You Hate.

Illuminati suggests the following coping strategies: Build better relationships with co-workers, pick a pet project at work, learn about a new career, or simply take a mind escape at work.

A Circle of Moms member in the Working Mums community, Katy B., seconds this last piece of advice: "I think of my daughter. Such as her smile. Mostly I think back on that and laugh and try to do my best at the job I hate. She keeps me going."

And Grace C. shares that "What motivates me is the satisfaction I see on my kids' faces when Mum buys them something special, when I am able to provide for their needs."

But Bradi N. suggests searching out new job prospects while holding on to the one you have. "Much research can be done online," she counsels.

Despite wanting more fulfilling work, several moms say they manage to feel thankful: "My motivation is the fact that I have been blessed to still have a job in this economy," states Lizz M. "Another one if the fact that I can get up and go to work because I am well in my body, my mind is working well enough to do my job well, and I have been given the honor of having my children to support."

Being there for the kids is the leading reason prompting many mothers to find at-home work.

"Having your own business in this day and age is the key to success," writes Karen G. in the Working Mums community.

She was very unhappy working as a substitute teacher. "It's very political and all of the people who were called were people thath ad been at the schools for a long time," Karen G. says.

She began working at home in online sales of "green" cleaning products and hasn't missed her former job.

"I'm doing great even in the midst of these tough economic times," she reports.

Gretchen S., also a member of the Working Mums community, writes that she was in a job she hated for eight years. Three years ago she started a part-time life coaching business. Now she works at it full-time.

"I am not going to say that there have not been stressful times, but the good times outweight the scary," she reports. "Fear gets me absolutely nowhere besides stuck."

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