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Truth About Pregnancy

True Story: The Ups and Downs of Pregnant Life

If you said "It's about time!" when you heard about the law in Pennsylvania that bans touching a pregnant woman's belly, then you know all too well what life is like for an expecting mom. You also know that you can read all the pregnancy books out there, but nothing prepares you for the truth until you're in it with a baby bump to bare. Ahead, relive those nine months of your life that were the best of times and the worst of times, all at once.

You Take the Test That Confirms Your Suspicion

And Do the Best Happy Dance the World Has Seen

Source: NBC

But In a Short Time, Your Gchat Status Goes From ":)" to "Tiiiired"

Source: AMC

Still, You Muster the Energy to Go to the Club One Last Time

Source: MTV

Soon You Get Aggressive For the Smallest Reasons

Source: NBC

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When Your Friends Notice a Difference, They Start Asking Questions

Source: CBS

So You Tell Them the News and Get Mixed Reactions

Source: ABC

At the Same Time, Your Clothes Fit Tighter and Tighter

Source: ABC

But You Don't Care Because You Can Eat Whatever You Want

Source: HBO

You Book a Pregnancy Shoot Because — Why Not?

Source: NBC

And You Take It VERY Seriously

You Even Start to Discover Tricks With Your Belly

Source: NBC

But Hate It When Strangers Think They Can Touch It

Source: NBC

One Day You Wake Up and Realize You Fit Into Nothing. Nada.

Another Problem: You Can't See Your Feet or Walk Like a Normal Person

Source: Lyall Coburn

You Go From Excited to Grossed Out by Parenting Classes

Source: Bravo

And Suddenly, You Don't Even Recognize Yourself

Source: Lionsgate

So You Refuse to Leave the House Unless You Have To

And When the Time Finally Comes, You're Actually Excited to Go Into Labor

Source: E!

Until It Really Happens, and Then You Just Want It to Be Over ASAP

But in the End, You Know It Was All Worth It

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