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Two in Diapers? The Perks of Closely-Spaced Babies

Two in Diapers? The Perks of Closely-Spaced Babies

Circle of Moms member Pamela W. knows all too well what life is like when you have two babies born back to back, a.k.a. “Irish twins." I did not plan to have them that close together," she says, "but then the saying goes ‘Man plans, God laughs."

Even though it is often argued in Circle of Moms communities that it's wise to space babies at least two years apart, many moms whose kids are this close in age find that the round-the-clock diaper changing years are not without their funny and sweet moments. As Courtney, a mom of two in diapers, asserts, "even though some days I feel like pulling my hair out, I wouldn't change it for anything."

The Rewards of Having Babies Back-to-Back

Leah G. says she’s heard it all about the trials and tribulations of two in diapers. She prefers to focus on the rewards, like the fact that her sons are so close that they sometimes "can't get enough of each other."

“The other night my oldest stayed the night with my cousin and when it was bed time he was crying for his bubba (brother). My 20-month-old was doing the same thing when he got up the next morning."


Courtney, Ashley V. and Kitty L. are all finding that a similar sweet bond is developing between their close-in-age babies. Courtney's daughter "is so helpful and sweet towards her brother, it's adorable to watch. He just lights up and smiles when she gives him kisses.”

Ashley, whose two sons are just 14 months apart, also says her oldest is a great helper. “He always gives [my youngest son] hugs and kisses and will go get him toys or books to play with.” And Kitty loves to look through the rear view mirror to see her two-year-old holding the baby’s hand across their car seats. “He kisses the baby good morning and good night on his own, and when the baby cries, he asks if he is okay. He takes care of him.

Beyond the warmth of this relationship, moms point out another benefit: Serena L., who will have three kids under three, figures "it’s better to get all the 'not sleep' over all at once [rather than] to get back to normal life, have another kid and stop sleeping again."

What are your coping tips for back-to-back babies?

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