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Two Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Little Kids

Two Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Little Kids

Two Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Little Kids

Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to explore crafts and fun learning activities with your children. Help make the day of love and friendship special by trying some new activities together.

Valentine's Day Fingerprint Card

Valentine's Day Fingerprint Cards make great homemade gifts and cherished memories for grandparents or friends on Valentine's Day!

Materials Needed

  • One red sheet of cardstock or construction paper (folded in half) for each child
  • A black marker
  • Paint trays (or paper plates)
  • Assorted Valentine's Day colors of washable tempera paint
  • Paint smocks (or old T-shirts) to protect clothing
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • One copy (free to download) of the Valentine's Fingerprint Card PDF file

To Make the Cards

1.  On the folded piece of cardstock, assist the children in drawing a basic "stick" tree. Older children can draw their own, but younger children will need assistance (see card photo).


2.  Have the children lightly dip one finger into a paint color. (For infants or very young children, the paint can be brushed onto a finger with a paintbrush and washed off after printing.) Children should make two fingerprints for each heart (one print slightly left and one printed slightly right to form a "heart").  Have the children make several fingerprint "hearts" all around the tree on the card. Allow the prints to dry thoroughly.

3.  Have the children draw a heart around each of the fingerprinted hearts on their trees (see photo). Younger children will need assistance.

4.  Help the children cut out the caption from the Valentine's Fingerprint Card PDF file (assist younger children with scissors skills). Next, kids can glue the square caption inside the card and write their names.


Valentine's Day Patterning

This craft is a fabulous craft for preschool and kindergarten-aged children.

1. Print one Valentine's Day Patterning Page (free to download) for each of your children.  

2. Discuss patterns with your children. Have the children look at colored hearts to see if they can recognize any pattern that exists in the choice of colors used for the hearts in each of the rows. Help your children determine exactly what color the last heart in each row should be to complete the pattern. The children can use markers or crayons to color the last heart. 

As your children get used to working with patterns, they will begin to point them out as they see patterns at the grocery store, during family travels, at school, etc. It is fun to watch new and emerging skills take hold!

For more Valentine's Day crafts and activities for young kids (including the "Tree of Love" Craft) visit: The Preschool Toolbox Blog!

Image Source: Darla Hutson

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