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Unicorn Fifth Birthday Party

Unicorns DO Exist — but Only at This Birthday Party

Unicorn Fifth Birthday Party
Image Source: Pillow Thought

The following post was originally featured on Pillow Thought and written by Lindsey Marlor, who is a part of POPSUGAR Select Moms.

Every year I try and do something different for birthday of these years I just know I'll run out...especially now with two girls (what have I started?!). Good thing I love party planning!

We've done:
Candy Shoppe Theme
Fairy Theme
Angelina Ballerina Theme
Mermaid Theme

And now this year it was Unicorn Theme!

I usually browse on Pinterest until I see something that sparks mine and hers interest...I pinned a couple of unicorn party pics and she was sold. And so was we went from there!

We had the party from 3-5 so I felt like I was totally OK with just serving treats. The parents probably loved the fact that I only served sugary goods, whoops! I probably ruined dinners. Lexi's favorite part was the piñata, mine was the photo booth...for obvious reasons. We played unicorn bingo, sprayed hair pink, had a photo booth, did cake, then piñata, and goody bags! I was worn out by the end of the night but as always I love having parties!

For all of the party details, scroll all the way to the very bottom . . .
Vendors/shops/links will all be listed for you!!

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