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Unusual Uses For Breast Milk

7 Unusual Uses For Breast Milk

We're excited to share this post from our partners at BabyCenter! Every week, we will be bringing you the best parenting and lifestyle stories from the experts at BabyCenter, including this post from Jennifer Borget about some unusual ways she won't be using her breast milk.

Breast milk. It's a great source of nourishment for your growing baby, a comfort snack for some toddlers, like my 16-month-old who doesn't seem to want to stop (that's a whole-nother post). And breastfeeding in general is beneficial in many different ways. But did you know breast milk has more than a dozen other uses?

Why yes, some sources will tell you breast milk has a variety of uses.

Are you taking full advantage? Let's take a pop quiz:

When you cut your foot or burn your finger, do you grab the Neosporin, or use a bit of your own liquid gold to do some healing? If your answer is western medicine, you may be selling yourself short.

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When I returned to work after maternity leave I had a stash of 220oz of milk in my freezer and I didn't want to waste a drop of it on anything else.

I'm not going to lie, ok? Some of the things I've read people using their milk for creep me out just a little bit. Here are seven things I don't plan on using my breast milk for.

  1. A weapon: I've read stories of women who squirt their milk across the room at their husband, their dog, or whoever is getting on their nerves at the time. While I'm sure at some point in my lactation abilities I may have been able to accomplish this, I can proudly say I have never tried.
  2. Acne: Ever heard of Proactive? … Or maybe this is the secret ingredient. Sorry, I don't wash my face with liquid gold, or my bodily fluids for that matter.
  3. Scratches, scrapes, and cuts: Bandaids people! And something that works… Like Neosporin.
  4. Ashy legs/ dry skin: I'll admit, I've been in a bind several times where I look down and my legs are pale white from dryness. But it would take far too much milk, and be far too awkward to pump my milk like a lotion bottle.
  5. My milkshakes: This gives Kelis' Milkshake song (think "My milkshake brings the boys to the yard…") a whole new meaning. No thanks.
  6. Contact solution or eye redness: I know people who have used breast milk for pink eye. I've even had friends tell me it works like a charm. But the thought of putting milk in my eyes seems weird and wrong. Coming from a human or not. And if you're in a bind for contact solution please don't look for the nearest lactating mom. You can make your own by mixing salt with distilled water.
  7. Sexual lubricant: This is quite possibly the most disturbing suggestion I read on that list. I would love to know who actually has tried this sexy idea.

I won't judge you. You can tell me. Have you or would you try any of these things?

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