7 Valentine's Day Experiments That Will Make Your Child Fall in Love With Science

Feb 3 2017 - 4:23am

Getting children involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math education) beyond the classroom may seem like a daunting feat, but it doesn't have to be hard! This Valentine's Day, explore the world of science with your kiddo through a love-themed experiment that will make them adore science.

Read through for seven engaging kid experiments [1] to do this Feb. 14.

Invisible Ink Message

With a little bit of lemon juice, a Q-tip, and a white piece of paper, your little can create a message for a secret admirer.

Crystal Hearts

Kids will get to witness an exciting chemical reaction with this crystal heart pipe-cleaner experiment.

Food Coloring Love Potions

Kids can explore color combinations and work on fine motor skills by pouring and scooping these Valentine's Day love potions.

Dyed-Candy Color Mix

With a dyed candy such as Skittles or Gobstoppers, children can see how the dye in the candy reacts and spreads with water.

Melting Ice

With colored ice cubes, children can learn about melting — does cold water or hot water melt the ice cubes faster?

Chocolate Reversible Change

This science experiment is a delicious one! Teach kiddos about reversible change — solid to liquid and back to solid — with chocolate chips and a baking mold.

Candy Heart Experiments

Find out together what happens to candy hearts when they're submerged in different liquids — soda, water, vinegar, and more!

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